– 100% (GOOD RATED) Social Influencers/ Learn about an issue that is of current national or global importance

Your assignment is to learn about an issue that is of current national or global importance. You will do this by reading a variety of sources that discuss the various points associated with your issue.
Choose a topic discussed in CQ Researcher, an excellent source available both in print in the library and through the library’s website under “remote access databases.”
Each paragraph of your paper, with the exception of your introduction and conclusion, must contain at least 2 citations to your research.Required Length 6-8 pages of TEXTEach student must include references to the following resources within the project:
1 CQ Researcher article (2017 or later)2 sources from periodicals magazines, journals, or newspapers, obtained from print, an online version of a source, or through PCC library’s electronic databases1 source that originally came from a book—Opposing Viewpoints database is great for these1 relevant websiteEach project must include an in-text citation of at least 2 recent (2019 or later) statistics that establish the relevance of the topic. Please note that these statistics may be obtained through any reliable source. These are not required to be additional sources—you simply must make use of recent statistics at least 2 times within your paper.
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