– 100% (GOOD RATED) Social Movements in 20th Century California

1) Pick a social movement or political campaign that was active in California during the 20th century. You can select an example from the list below or suggest your own. You may choose to focus on the movement as a whole or a particular organization within the movement. Examples of social movements and campaigns: the African-American civil rights movement; the Chicano movement; the Asian-American movement; the LGBTQ movement; the American Indian Movement. 
2) Once you have selected a movement, group, or campaign, you will then need to identify one of their main policy priorities. For example, did the group mobilize to support or oppose a particular law or ballot initiative? Was the movement or group asking for specific policy changes? 
3) Discuss the strategy that each movement or group employed to achieve its goals. 
4) Finally, identify and discuss at least one example of how the movement/group’s legacy impacts some aspect of California politics today.
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