– 100% (GOOD RATED) Sociology/ Controversial topic: Alternate Rulesets for women’s sports

Introduce the issue and explain why it is controversial. Why is this relevant to us and relevant now? Use current news story to illustrate.
Connect issue to readings and relevant theory

Explain the differing sides of this issue, flesh out conflicting arguments (what do people think about it and why). In which theoretical perspectives are these arguments grounded?
Use sociological imagination to identify which demographic groups (rich/poor, white/non-white, men/women, urban/rural, LGBT/Straight, etc.) are likely to think/act which way on your issue. Are rich people or poor people more likely to support/oppose? Why?  Are White people or racial minorities more likely to support/oppose? Why? Etc. Explain why demographics influence opinions on this issue.
How is this issue manifested in societies around the world?
Explain your position on this topic, take a side and explain why
Support your position with sociological theory, sociological imagination, sociological perspective
Can this issue be resolved? Now that we know about it, what can be done?
Minimum of four sources listed on a separate works cited page in MLA format and cited within the paper body
College-level writing Spelling, grammar, use of language, and formatting/technical aspects of paper are correct.

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