– 100% (GOOD RATED) Software application / The heuristics and software violations of privacy agreement

 For at least 5 of the heuristics you need to show where in your software application does the software violate (ie not follow) the heuristic. For each heuristic select show one or two places that violate the heuristic.  Clearly explain the heuristic and explain how the application violates it. Include screen shots. 
 For each place that violates the heuristic (from the second part of the assignment), redesign that screen (or part of the application) so it would meet (ie follow) the heuristic.  Clearly explain how the modification to the interface works.  Include screen shots.
If you were conducting and Interface Analysis and Redesign in industry you would cover all of the heuristics (not just 5) and would document and redesign all areas of the application that violate it (not just one or two). For the sake of time you are only required to cover 5 heuristics with only one or two violations per heuristic.
Note:  This is not an exercise is creativity.  It is an analytical exercise. You cannot just suggest interface changes because you think that would make the application better.  All changes by correspond to a violation of a heuristic. 
Using Pencil, a Rapid Prototyping Tool
For developing a new design, you will be using Pencil tool. There are many tools used to create user interfaces.  Pencil was selected because it is free, downloadable and multiplatform (running on Windows, MAC and Linxu).  You can download Pencil at. If you would like to use a different screen prototype tool you may. 
You shall create a single document that includes your analysis and redesign.  Submit your report to your assignment folder. Please include your last name in the name of the file.  For example LastName_Interface_Analysis.docx.  Please embed screen shots into the report.
Make the report clear and easy to understand.  Use headers, sub-headers, etc. for clarity.  Note the rubric below for additional information.
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