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 Identify someone you know that is a consumer of dietary supplements.  You will interview them regarding their usage of the supplements and share with them your findings. 
 You will video this interview and show the video to your Discussion group. (It is preferred but not required that your interviewee is in the video. Having them on the phone is acceptable. Make sure that they can be clearly heard in the video.)   The video should be about 4-6 minutes long.  Since this is a conversation the video may go longer if your interviewee talks more.  The key here is to have a robust conversation on this topic with your interviewee that provides meaningful information and feedback.  Topics to cover in the video are listed below. (All sections MUST be covered in this video from A.-D.  Section E.
A.   Interview for Facts (8 points )   Details about the supplement use of the interviewee.  You must cover all of these questions during your interview:
       a.    What supplement do they take? 
       b.    For what benefit? 
       c.    For how long have they been taking it? 
       d.    Have they experienced any side effects from taking this dietary ingredient? 
       e.    How much do they spend monthly approximately on the supplement?
       f.     Do they believe that they are getting the benefit that they hoped for from taking this supplement?
       g.    Have they told others about this supplement?
       h.    What level of trust do they have in the products they are taking on a 1 to 10 scale?  (1 is very low and 10 is very high)
B.   Expression of Concerns (3 points)   Share with them in your video at least three of the below major concerns that were expressed in the lecture video.
      a.    There is no FDA pre-approval for the supplements.
      b.    There are no guarantees from the producer that what is stated to be in the supplement is actually, what is provided.  For ex               ample, Botanical herbs may actually be of another plant origin.
      c.    There are no guarantees from the producer that the quantity of the dietary supplement is what is stated on the label. For ex               ample, the actual levels of vitamin D in a capsule may exceed what is stated.
      d.    There is no proof that the supplement provides the benefit that is indicated on the label.  The label disclaimer states that “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration”.
       e.    The supplement production facility may not have been inspected for GMPs. The FDA is not knowledgeable about all the supplement producers in the country as there is no list and so due to lack of knowledge and lack of manpower cannot inspect all production facilities.
C.   Probing for a response to the concerns (8 points)  Query your interviewee for a response to this information: 
          a.   Ask your interviewee if they were aware of any of these concerns regarding the industry. 
          b.   Ask your subject the level of trust they NOW have (after hearing the concerns) in the products they are taking on a 1 to 10 scale (1 is very low and 10 is very high).
          c.   What do they base this trust upon?
          d.  Do they have any questions for you at this point?
D.  Reference (6 points)  Recommend one reference you have researched to them to give them further information.  Explain the information in the source to the interviewee and why you are recommending it. The reference must be from a reputable source.  The reference must not be one that has been provided to you (i.e. the Frontline video or the lecture notes).  You must cite your reference according to APA Quick Citation guidelines in the written portion in E. below.
E.    Reflection (12 points)   Reflect upon your interview in writing.  You are to use a minimum of 200 words for your reflection.  Answer these questions with well thought out answers in the same post as your video:
       a .      What type of response did you receive from your subject when you described the three concerns?
       b.    Why do you think your subject responded as they did?  Do you think this is typical when supplement takers hear the facts behind the supplement industry?
       c.    Did the reason they based their trust in the supplement make sense to you?
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