– 100% (GOOD RATED) The future of work in America

You have been assigned two report summaries to read so far in this course which are: The future of work in America: People and places, today and tomorrow, published July 11, 2019, and The future of work after COVID-19, published February 18, 2021. The reports were produced by the McKinsey Global Institute but written by different groups of authors. Though produced by the same organization, have predictions on the future of work in America changed since the onset of COVID-19, or have they remained essentially the same? Why?
Type of essay required for this PaperFor this paper, you will write an expository essay that compares the predictions made in the 2019 report with the2021 report and persuasively argue to your readers why the overall predictions for the future have changed or haveremained the same. Expository essays are ones where you “investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, expound on theidea, and set forth an argument concerning that idea in a clear and concise manner” (Purdue University, 2021, para.1). Though the essay will be spent supporting your opinion on whether the forecast has changed, do not refer toyourself in the essay. Do not use the word “I” nor other similar self-referencing personal pronouns.
Recommended essay structure:Your essay’s introductory paragraph should hook your reader with reasons why they should care about what working in Americawill be like in the future, and why COVID-19 has or has not made an impact on how the future looks. Those reasonscan come from you as your opinion (without using the word “I”), but they can also come from the source readings. Bythe end of that introductory paragraph, summarize what your main argument will be for the entire essay, andlist the topics you will cover to prove that you are correct. This argument summary should be only one sentence longfor a paper this short; the essay should be 600-750 words from introduction to conclusion, written in TimesNew Romans. This sentence is what is known as the essay’s thesis statement. Here’s an example (do not use this in your own essay): “Nothing has changed in the predictions about the future of working in America, as the U.S. workforce’s response to COVID-19 has shown that jobs considered the lower end and easilyautomated are the ones that disappeared first”. This sentence is arguable because someone could easily debatewhether the statement “nothing has changed” is wrong. The sentence provides information that can become topicsof discussion throughout the essay, such as a paragraph summarizing the predictions for the U.S. workforce beforeCOVID-19 compared to the predictions after COVID-19 impacted society. What did the two sources say, if anything,about lower-end jobs? Did the source readings mention what would happen to those in higher-end jobs? What didthey say, if anything, about automation and technology’s impact on certain forms of work and careers? In anticipationof someone having the opposite opinion, the essay should acknowledge what that opposing opinion might be andpersuasively prove that opinion wrong or invalid. Answers to each of these could form individual topics, and eachbody paragraph should focus on evaluating and expounding on only one point. If you make a list of ideas that you canwrite about for this essay based on the readings and your opinions, you should have many topics to choose from,more than would be necessary to fulfill the word count for this paper. As a conclusion to the essay, let your readerknow where you stand on the issue of the future of work in America. 
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