– 100% (GOOD RATED) The Giver by Lois Lowry

The following are questions that may help you develop your close reading and argument. These are meant to help you assess your evidence and solidify your thesis; you do not have to answer all of them.
What are the key terms or other significant vocabulary here, and how are they used? How are they important? Is key information omitted from or elided in the passage? Why is that information omitted or elided?
 Is the passage written in the present or the past tense? Why is that the case? Does the passage record any dialogue? How does that dialogue relate to the larger passage from which it comes? How does imagery (if any) function in the passage? 
How does this imagery relate to the larger meaning(s) of the passage? If you are working on a repeated phrase, is it used the same way each time or does it change in context? How? If you are working on a single defining phrase, how does it help to illuminate the character who uses it? 
Are their particular resonant or revealing words in the phrase? When does the character use it? What prompts that use?
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