– (100% Good rated) Thind v. United States source analysis/History

Who created/authored/produced the source, and who was the audience? 
What does this suggest about the point of view reflected in the source?
 You may consider the social status, age,  and race/ethnicity, and/or gender of the author (if it is discernible).
 When analyzing the author’s social identities, do not analyze their identities using today’s definitions of race/ethnicity, gender, class, etc.
 Consider how the author(s) would think about race/ethnicity, gender, class, etc. in their time period.2. Where/when was the primary source created/authored/produced? Situate the source in its historical context. Be as detailed as possible! I expect you to draw connections to  our readings and to quote them.3. Describe the source and analyze it
. What is interesting, strange, and notable about this source. I expect you to show how you are engaging with and interpreting the source, and I expect this section of your paper to be the longest
. Provide quotes and explain their importance. Again, be as detailed as possible. A generalized summary is not enough.4. Why is this source important to our understanding of Asian American history? What does this source teach us?