– (100% Good Rated)No new references or information should be provided in the conclusion.

5. Conclusion (1 point)
Summarize the findings.
The conclusion should parallel the introduction.
No new references or information should be provided in the conclusion.
6. Appendix (Topic Search Table) 3 points:
Complete and insert a table with the following information as an appendix at the end of the paper. Must include the following: at least two (2) databases used, search terms (from your PICO/PICo), results (how many articles you found), any MeSH or Boolean operators used, filters and/or limits you used. The “new results” section should end up indicating a reasonable number of results that one could easily sift through.  See example below.
Example Only:
Database Search terms (key words) Hits-Results MeSH, Boolean operators, filters and limits (specify what was used) New Results
PubMed Pediatric Obesity 12,742 MeSH-Complications 13
CINAHL Pediatric Obesity AND complications 1497 Limits-full text
Year 2010-2018
English only
ADD EBP and Peer Reviewed 563
Scholarship (3 points):
Use required APA paper template, organizing work by headings.  
Formal, scholarly writing with no first person language.
Writing is clear and concise, free of APA errors.
Full paper submitted through Turnitin in assignment, reviewed and revised as necessary with minimal similarity. No evidence of plagiarism.
CON approved title page.
References and in-text citations follow APA 7th edition guidelines. Paraphrase as appropriate. Use peer-reviewed references published within the last 5-7 years.
Reference page follows APA formatting for each entry (chapters in book, articles, websites, etc.).  
Writing is free of grammatical and spelling errors.
Paper does not exceed six (6) pages (excluding title page, reference page, and appendix).
Follow assignment instructions.
Demonstrate good overall writing skills.