– (100% Good Rated)What are clinical practice guidelines and how are they used by the healthcare team?

 Searching the Evidence
Literature Search
Using your PICO, perform a literature search. What types of studies did you find interesting  (e.g., systematic reviews, literature reviews, quantitative, qualitative)? Describe the types of evidence you found.
Key Words/Phrases
Identify key words and phrases from the PICO you created which can be used to search the evidence.
Bibliographic Databases/Tools
Describe at least two bibliographic databases that were used in the search (name, brief history, and what make it unique). Describe any tools that were used to broaden/narrow your search.
Provide at least two (2) examples of current references related to your PICO.  Provide a brief synopsis of each article (2-4 sentences) and cite appropriately.
Best Sources of Evidence
Clinical Practice Guideline
What are clinical practice guidelines and how are they used by the healthcare team?
Clinical Practice Guideline Example
Search for a clinical practice guideline (CPG) related to your topic (see box 9.4 in your textbook and video resource). Provide the following information on the guideline. Describe how and where you found the CPG. Describe the guideline, include the organization, title, year, purpose, etc. (be sure to cite/reference appropriately). Describe how the CPG relates/applies to your PICO.  
Topic Search
Search a topic using 2 different databases. Here summarize your search of a topic using the 2 different databases. (Do not just repeat the information from the table. See table instructions on the appendix page located following the reference page.) Describe your search and what you learned from your search. Reference your appendix here in the summary (e.g., see Appendix). The appendix instructions can be found on the appendix page (following the reference page).