– Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals Global and Regional 100% Renewable Energy Scenarios with Non-Energy GHG Pathways for +1.5°C and +2°C. Springer International Publishing, 2019.

Teske, Sven. 
Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals Global and Regional 100%
Renewable Energy Scenarios with Non-Energy GHG Pathways for +1.5°C and
+2°C. Springer International Publishing, 2019. 
The author of this book, Sven Teske, presents evidence that the objectives of the Paris
Agreement are realistic and therefore achievable with current technology, which would
achieve economic and labor benefits at a global level. This book is intended for policy
makers to address climate change. Also, the author addresses researchers and the
renewable energy industry. Teske seeks to inform and persuade the policy makers with
respect to pathways to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050. In this sense, this
book could be a good source of information on solutions to climate change.
Popular Press Article:
Worland, Justin, et al. “Justice for All.” 
TIME Magazine
, vol. 196, no. 3/4, July 2020, pp.
68 73. 
TIME Magazine
 article aimed at the general public is quite interesting because it
presents the problem of climate change as a problem that involves social and racial
injustice, since the most affected people are those from lower socioeconomic strata, and
also minority groups. This source seeks to inform and also to persuade people
regarding the background of climate change. It is a valuable source since it shows an
interesting perspective to address my research topic.
Scholarly Articles:
Otto, Friederike E. L., et al. “Toward an Inventory of the Impacts of Human-Induced
Climate Change.” 
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
, vol. 101, no.
11, Nov. 2020, pp. E1972 E1979. 
, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-20-0027.1.
This peer reviewed study published in 2020 in the 
Bulletin of the American
Meteorological Society
, is aimed at researchers, as well as decision makers regarding
this topic, since it contextualizes how demographic and socioeconomic changes at a
global level would lead to changes in the  physical climate of the planet (Otto et al.). The
authors seek to inform that for the first time in 2023, countries will assess their collective
progress with respect to reaching the climate policy aims of the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) Paris Agreement. Also, this
article seeks to persuade regarding the importance of building a universal database that
quantifies and compares anthropogenic contributions to climate change. This paper may
be useful to my research because it accounts for the state of the art on climate change.

Saha, Sagatom, and Brody Viney. “How Climate Change Could Spark the Next
Financial Crisis.” 
Journal of International Affairs
, vol. 73, no. 1, Mar. 2020, pp.
205 216. 
This scholarly article seeks to persuade political actors, particularly the United States
government, of how climate change could trigger a global financial crisis. The authors
point out the importance of reducing emissions, and in addition to promoting the
development of a physical infrastructure that is resilient to climate change; they also
require disclosure of the risks faced by the financial system due to climate change
(Saha and Viney). It is a current, credible, and interesting source of information that
could provide information for my research on how the world economy might be affected
in the face of both anticipated and unexpected disasters originating from global
News Source:
Purtill, Corinne. “How Climate Policy Will Change in 2021.” 
New York Times
, 13 Dec.
2020, p. NA(L). 
Gale In Context: Global Issues
Accessed 17 Feb. 2021.
This publication aimed at the general public, seeks to inform about the changes in the
government agenda, under the Biden administration, to combat global warming (Purtill
NA(L)). It is interesting for the research topic, since it accounts for the commitments
established by the new government of the United States regarding this problem of global
Internet Source:
Little, Amanda. 
Climate Change Is Becoming a Problem You Can Taste
. TED, 2020, 
In this source, Amanda Little, an environmental journalist, exposes how the climate
crisis could radically affect the food supply chain. She shows a series of solutions that
are being implemented in different parts of the world, as hope for a more sustainable
and environmentally friendly food future. The exhibitor seeks to inform and persuade the
general public, as consumers, but also as potential entrepreneurs, innovators, regarding
the need to promote changes in our eating practices as a way to reverse climate
change. It can be a valuable source for my research, as it provides current practical
solutions to combat climate change.
Non-traditional Source:
“The Paris Agreement.”
, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate
Change, n.d., 
“The Paris Agreement,” corresponds to the official page of this treaty within the
framework of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. This website seeks to
inform the general public about this agreement, what it consists of, the countries
involved, the strategies to follow, etc. Thus, it is a relevant source for my research since
it provides official information on the policies that are being adopted worldwide on this
subject, and it also provides follow-up information on them
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