– Admission essay

The Rady School of Management is centered aroundthree guiding principles. Please choose two out of the three principles and sharean example for each principle from your professional career or personal lifethat demonstrates how you exemplified this principle. (200 words each)
      COMMUNITY-FOCUSED: We are rooted in theprinciples of integrity, equality, diversity, and inclusivity, drawing wisdomfrom distinct strengths and perspectives. We are a community of individualsthat show up for each other.
      DATA-DRIVEN: Motivated by curiosity andintellectual honesty, we practice evidence-based decision making andleadership. We focus on innovation, and our teaching and research drive localand global change.
      LASTING IMPACT: We encourage ourcommunity to make a positive difference by supporting boundary-pushinginitiatives. We care deeply about the impact of our actions on the generationsto come.