– Advocating Business Ethics

For this essay project, research how ethical business behavior is applied in disciplines represented by classes completed in the MBA program. Focus on quality research published within the past 2 years. Articles from the library databases are a good choice. Write ¾ of a page of fully research-supported content for each discipline:
·       Management and Organizational Behavior (MGT501) 
·       Business Analytics and Decision Making (BUS520)
·       Managerial Economics (BUS530)
·       Accounting for Decision Making (ACC501)
·       Strategic Corporate Finance (FIN501)
·       Strategic Marketing (MKT501) 
Three-quarters of a page for each, 4½ pages total. Research required.
Overall Ethical Strategy 
·       Formulate connections between all of the areas covered which may be applied to an overall Managerial Strategy for an ethical organization. (½ page). Research required.