– analytical paper

Analytical Paper
Students will write a seven- to eight-page paper analyzing an ethical issue using an
ethical dilemma decision-making process. In their papers, students will analyze a
violation of ethics in the social and human services profession as reported in the
popular media or a professional journal. In their papers, students should include: 1)
description of the case, based on the information gathered from the popular media or
professional journal; 2) detailed discussion of ethical violations of the professional
Code of Ethics in this case; 3) the student’s recommendation for the resolution of the
case and his/her rationale for choosing this outcome based on a chosen ethical
perspective discussed in this course. Student are expected to combine their own
thoughtful analysis with ideas and information found in at least three sources other
than sources for the ethical violation, the professional codes, and the course
textbook. Therefore, as in any scholarly writing, students should not merely copy
information from another author, but use evidence to support the contentions they
have drawn from their findings and critically analyze related literature this paper
has to be an analytical paper, not a summary of readings. This paper must meet APA
requirements of format and style.