– Application of the Six Sigma process

Description/Instructional Context: This Project Assignment provides you an opportunity to have a basic understanding of the concept and process of Six Sigma. You will be researching the function and application of the Six Sigma process.The paper will be 4-page research of Six Sigma information. These 4 pages should NOT include the cover page or the required reference page.Please use APA format and the template provided. Be sure to thoroughly review your paper before submitting it along with properly cited information.Assignment:Begin with a clear and historical in-depth introduction of Six Sigma. You can start with the information in your text.The body of the paper will be an explanation of the research process, how it is used in various industries, and what are the expected outcomes.The third section of the paper is an example of the application of Six Sigma, you can choose an industry that is familiar. (there are many examples)Write a strong conclusion tying together the concepts introduced in your introduction.Be sure to cite your references properly. If there are direct quotes, you MUST have a page (p.) or paragraph (para.) number if it is online.