– Cause, Mechanism and Manner of Death

Overview:During autopsy, the medical examiner will determine the cause, mechanism, andmanner of death. The manner of death can be natural, homicide, suicide, accidental,and undetermined.Instructions:In this assignment you can use a real-life case or create your own fictional scenario. Puttogether a PowerPoint presentation with at least one slide each for a description of thecause of death, mechanism of death, and manner of death.• Define each term and discuss what the medical examiner would look for duringthe autopsy in your particular case to determine what those results would be.• What evidence would be found during autopsy that would lead to thatconclusion?• What injuries to the body would be present?Presentation Specifics:• Maximum eight slides in length, excluding the Title and Reference slides.• Each slide should have speaker notes that contain a script of what would be saidif you were presenting to the class in-class. It should be detailed and written as ifyou are presenting.Requirements:• Submit a PowerPoint presentation in APA format.• Maximum ten slides in length, excluding the Title and Reference slides.• At least two resources.