– Chakra Two – Swadhisthana

After reading through the chakra handout, I want you to identity with 3 characteristics of the Chakra that either have great meaning to you or something you don’t relate too.  For each characteristic chosen, explain how this characteristic relates to you and reflect on how this is manifested in your life. And lastly, identity if this characteristic is a strength or something that causes issues in your life. These 3 characteristics will come into play for your final paper, which will be explained in more detail later in the semester.  
Lastly, after practicing the yoga flow pertaining to Swadhisthana, please answer the following questions:

How did you feel during the yoga practice? 
What posture or part of the practice did you find the hardest and why?
After completing the yoga practice, how did your body feel?  Can you make any observations about your body during and after the yoga?  How did this flow differ from the previous one for you?
From this practice, what can you comment on about your own hip mobility are you tight or open?  Did you feel a diffference after the practice?