– Compare and Contrast Assignment: Post Concussive Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury

Compare and Contrast Assignment:
 Post ConcussiveSyndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury
research the two areas of content and compare and contrast themin a discussion post.
NOTE: A comparison and contrast assignment is not about listingthe info regarding each disease separately but rather looking at each diseaseside by side anddiscussingthe similarities and differences given thecategories below. 
Consider how each patient would actually present to the office. Paint a picture of how that patientwould look, act, what story they would tell.  Consider how theirhistory would affect their diagnosis, etc. Evaluation of mastery is focused onthe student’s ability to demonstrate specific understanding of how thediagnoses differ and relate to one another.Address the following topicsbelow in your own words:

Presentation (demographics, onset of symptoms, associated risk factors)
Pathophysiology (knowledge demonstrated in original dialogue)
Assessment (physical assessment, diagnostic testing-if any needed, why or why not?) 
Diagnosis (how is each diagnosed)
Treatment (How is each treated)

  Note listing thecomponents of each disease separately without reflecting on them in relation toeach other does not demonstrate course knowledge.
Discussion post supported by evidence fromappropriate sources published within the                last five years. Focus ofjournal articles represents a logical link between the article content and thecase study information. APA, In-text citations and full referencesare provided.