– Curriculum Project: Mapping, Charts, Evidences, and Resources Assignment

Part 5:Evidence of Curriculum Requirements
Thecandidate identifies specific evidence to demonstrate how the followingelements are
incorporatedinto the Curriculum Project: the mission, character education, diversity and
accommodations,critical thinking and problem-solving activities, active learning experiences,
technologyintegration, assessment, collaboration, fine arts/health/PE, and integrationbetween
contentareas. The candidate uses the completed (elementary/SPED [20 days total] orsecondary
[18weeks total]) curriculum charts to provide five best examples/evidences foreach of the 12
Evidenceof Curriculum Requirements charts. The candidate selects the bestexamples/evidences
bycomparing all the completed planning charts with the advanced indicators on theCurriculum
Projectgrading rubric. The candidate provides the day of the planning and a detaileddescription.
If thecandidate cannot give five best examples for each evidences chart, revision ofthe
CurriculumProject planning charts is needed (see sample templates and examples).
Part 6:Resources
Thecandidate must demonstrate differentiated student learning with many learningtools and
manipulatives(eg. Base 10 Blocks, science lab equipment), and use of diverse professional
resources(eg. books, journals, apps, websites, etc.) to plan instruction and learningexperiences.
Thecandidate includes 25 or more diverse professional resources (includingresearch-based
journalarticles) to plan (elementary/SPED [20 days total] or secondary [18 weekstotal]
curriculumcharts) differentiated instruction and learning experiences. The candidateincludes
theseresources in current APA format in the reference section at the end of theCurriculum
Project(see sample templates and examples).