– Cyber Physical Systems

“Internet of Things (IoT) has given rise to
the fourth industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0), and it brings great
benefits by connecting people, processes and data. However,
cybersecurity has become a critical challenge in the IoT enabled cyber
physical systems, from connected supply chain, Big Data produced by huge
amount of IoT devices, to industry control systems” (He et al., 2016).

For this assignment, you are
required to discuss two (2) security challenges in modern cyber-physical
systems in detail. Research the literature for existing technology that
could contribute in cybercrime detection and prevention in cyber
physical systems. This comprises both evolutionary computation and other
computational intelligence technology.

Reference: He, H., Maple, C.,
Watson, T., Tiwari, A., Mehnen, J., Jin, Y., & Gabrys, B. (2016,
July 24 29). The security challenges in the IoT enabled cyber-physical
systems and opportunities for evolutionary computing & other
computational intelligence [Conference session]. 2016 IEEE Congress on
Evolutionary Computation, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Summarize two (2) security challenges to modern cyber-physical systems.

Explain the role of evolutionary computation, and other
computational intelligence technologies, in cyber-physical systems and
cybercrime detection and prevention.
Support your rationale with at least two (2) references (articles or
videos) to provide a rationale for the summary and explanation.