– English writing assignment

Wildcard impressions: what did you think about this story? What questions, thoughts or feelings arose when you read it? 


When and how did the writer pull you into the story? What specific passages or sections especially pulled you in? 

Could you connect with the writers experience of the safari? What specific moments or tools helped you connect? 

How did the writer create a sense of place in the piece? 

How did the writer create a vivid experience despite not being able to see? 


What was the writers impression of the safari at the start of the story? Did it change? How?  

What was your experience (as a reader) of this story? What emotions did you experience throughout the piece? Did that change? 

What surprised you about the piece? What struck with you? 

What *specific* story does this piece tell? (I.e.: in the Accidental Cook, the specific story is of someone going to a cooking school, and learning to cook) 

What *bigger* human story do you think this piece is telling? (in AC, the bigger story is one of growing older, family, understanding connections through food, how food is connected to love)

Thinking like a writer, what did you particularly admire about the ways Ryan told this story? 

Whats something you noticed from Ryans story you might want to try in your own writing?

Please read the article and answer the questions. It is only 1-5 sentences.