– Essay

How does distance become the main theme of Reyna Grandes The Distance between Us?
In a formal 4 to 6 page essay, support an argumentative thesis statement that responds to the question above.
Support your thesis statement with evidence from the book in your body paragraphs. Additionally, the essay should cite relevant evidence from three peer-reviewed articles in your body paragraphs. 
Make sure to analyze the evidence you select, commenting on what the evidence means and making connections to your thesis.
Regarding the peer-reviewed articles, try to find the most recent articles you can, preferably published within the last five years, considering that the topics youre writing about are current. You should  for these sources before submitting your essay.
To find peer-reviewed articles, use the following databases: EBSCOhost, Gale Academic OneFile, or JSTOR. All links are on the BC librarys homepage.