– Evaluating corporate strategies

Visit the corporate websites of the following conglomerates: Procter and Gamble, GE, Unilever,
Campbell’s, SC Johnson, Wolverine Worldwide and Honeywell.
• Review these sites to get a feel for the company, their Strategic Business Units (SBUs)
and the products and services they offer;
• Be sure to visit the ‘investor relations’ area and determine their corporate mission
statement (some may be easier than others to locate and they may not be listed as such);
• Then choose one of these corporate sites above, and identify at least three (3) SBUs (or
branded products/services units) from the corporate site;
• Then visit the web sites of these SBUs selected products or services.
Now complete the written part of the assignment…
• Identify the Corporation you selected and list their corporate website (URL).
• State their mission statement, either directly using quotes or in your own words. Be sure it
is a mission statement, and not a diversity or responsibility statement.
• Identify and describe what you believe is their primary overall corporate strategy and
support your answer.
• Identify the THREE (3) SBU’s, product or brand sites related to the corporate site you
identified and list the three corresponding URL’s.
• Identify and describe the target market for each of the three SBU/product sites. (Some of
these SBU/product sites may contain multiple product listings, in which case you can
select one and identify its target market.)
• Identify the corporate level strategy each SBU appears to be following. Support your
answer with examples from the web site.
Additionally, for each of the three sites, comment on the following:
• How is the site designed to attract/be attractive to the target market? What is its main
selling message?
• Are there any identified IMC programs noted for the products located on the site? If so,
describe and give examples of what they are.