– fake news

1. Provide story URL and title
2. Look at the original source for this false information if you can. In a few sentences, describe whether this story should be labeled mis-information, dis-information, or mal-information. Support your answer with evidence and arguments.
3. identify and summarize the agent in this story. Is the agent a legitimate news source? Did a legitimate news source have a role in amplifying or spreading this story?
4. identify and summarize the message in this story. What false information was contained in the message and what form did the message take (e.g., text vs. visual)? How do you think the message itself influenced the likelihood that people would believe the story?
5. Who would be most likely to interpret this story as containing factually true information? In other words, who is most likely to be affected by this story?
6. Finally, discuss some strategies that you think might help reduce the impact of this false story.