– Health and Human Rights Reflection Paper 4

Reading Reflections: Each student will submit three short papers (minimum of 850 words each), on the assigned class readings. You may complete three of the four reflections or drop the lowest grade. Papers may address a common question or theme in at least two of the readings, the authors methodology or approach, or another topic. Successful reading reflections will (1) touches on significant aspects of two of the assigned readings and incorporates specific references to the text in a way that relates to your main purpose, (2) be clearly written, (3) include proper citation for any quotes (you might use one short quote), and (4) meet minimum word count. 

Reading Reflection 4
Questions to be answered:

How do people. mobilize to defend human rights?
What is the role of storytelling/life histories in documenting health and rights? 
Nadia Kim names “the importance of the invisible.” How do the readings work to make visible the invisible? 
How does the distinction between deserving and deserving challenge the right to health?