– international human trafficking or equal rights for women in employment

A. Extract from syllabus

Step1: Paper # 1 will describe a major issue in international policy or globalization, the extent of the issue (i.e. whether it affects the whole world or just a specific region or group of countries) and discuss why a global response is or is not desirable. Students will choose the topic guided by the instructor.  (Minimum 1000 words) (8pts)

as a memo the memo instruction is liated! paper citations must be incuded

paper instruction : 
Writing assignments and professional communications

All assignments should be single-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, one inch margins.

The papers must include in text citations and a reference page showing all sources used. Citations and references should be in accordance with APA guidelines which will be posted on blackboard.  Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

All written assignments must be submitted through  It is the students responsibility to create their account in Turnitin and register for the course.  Course ID and password will be posted on blackboard. 

Points will be deducted for non-compliance with any of the above