– Interviewing a Social Worker

Each student will identify a specific social work field of practice that is of personal interest (for example: school social work, addictions, gerontology, child welfare). By due dates in course outline: 
Inform professor of choice of field of practice
Paper & PPT Slides due on D2L 
Following the identification of field of practice, student is to research three (3) empirical journal articles related to field of practice. Be sure to cite research in body of paper & on reference page.
The student will conduct an in-person interview with the social worker. That social worker must have either a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or a Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree. The student may not interview a faculty member or immediate family member, but should interview someone currently working full-time in the field of practice of interest. Please do not select a therapist in private practice.
Topics to be covered in the interview with the identified social worker should include, but are not limited to:
WHO is the social worker: Discuss the social workers education and career path.
CURRENT PRACTICE: Discuss the SWs practice. Provide information about their current agency, population, age group & type of work. Explain their role & function in practice with clients. Discuss micro, mezzo & macro aspects of their work, & anything else of importance about it.
PROFESSIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Identify the SWs licensure status. Discuss their licensure type and how they maintain their license. Provide specific information about how the social worker participates in continuing education to stay updated and knowledgeable on current practice.
PRACTICE: Specifically address these issues with the social worker:
Concerns about their work & specific practice of social work & their client system.
Highs & lows of working with their specific population & client system.
Ethical issues this social worker encounters in their work.
How the social worker encounters, experiences, observes and supports diversity in their practice; how do they remain culturally sensitive & aware in practice?
Trauma-informed practice: How does the social worker integrate trauma-informed practices into their agency and their own work with clients?
RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PRACTICE & CAREER: Discuss recommendations the social worker would give to a new professional entering social work in this field of practice.
The research & the interview is to be incorporated into a 6-8 page APA style paper, exclusive of title, abstract, reference page(s) & any appendices.