– McCoy v. Louisiana

In McCoy v. Louisiana, 584 U.S. ___ (2018) SCOTUS affirmed the 6th amendment right to an attorney and the bundaries of the Attorney/Client relationship

Research this landmark case addressing the following questions. Please make sure you address all the issues in the underlisted prompts in an essay format.

Who are the plaintiffs and defendants in this case?                       2 points
What are the facts of the case?                                                        3 points
Identify the issues in this case.                                                          5 points
What law(s) was involved in the case?                                              5 points
How were the issues resolved and why? (legal reasoning)              20 points
What precedence was set in this case?                                               5 points
What are the future implications of this case?                                    5 points
APA formatting                                                                                        5 Points

Between 4-5 pages, double-spaced
Times New Roman, 12-point font
1-inch margins all around
All citations must be done in APA format