– New jersey Mandated reporter statue

Review New Jersey’s mandated reporter statute. Provide details about this in your post. If faced with a mandated reporter issue, what are the steps in reporting the issue? Create a mandated reporter scenario and post it. Respond to one of your peer’s scenarios using the guidelines for submission/reporting in your state. Be sure to include a reference to your state’s website related to mandated reporting.

Scenario- Haley, a 10-year-old Caucasian girl, comes to the pediatric office for a well-child visit. Dr. Robert completed a head-to-toe assessment on Haley and noted bruises on her buttocks and circular spots that appeared to be burn marks on her upper right arm. When Dr. Roberts asked Haleys mom about the bruise, mom stated she didnt notice any bruises or spots on her daughter. So, when Dr. Robert asked Haley, she stated my step-dad punished me for breaking the TV remote. Mom said in a mean voice; you are lying. Stop lying, Haley. Dr. Robert removed mom from the room with Haley and instructed the nurse Barbara to stay with Haley. Dr. Robert returned to Haleys room and questioned her about the spots; Haley stated, my step-dad got his belt and whooped me, and he sometimes uses his cigarette to burn me if I dont bring his beer fast enough. Dr. Robert called the Department of Human Resources and reported child abuse. The child was removed from the parent’s home for further investigation.