– Nonprofit Management: Theory & Application

Locate a nonprofit organization (your place of employment, a place where you volunteer(ed), or a nonprofit organization about which you wish to learn more) and access its website. You are also to read the various provided articles. 
Page 1: How does the organization communicate its mission, purpose and vision?
Page 2: Evaluate the appropriateness of the organization’s communication style (from what you may know about the organization and from its website). Are you satisfied with what is being communicated and how it’s being communicated?  Why or why not?
Pages 3    4: Compare and contrast the organization’s overall communication format with the findings in the articles.
Page 5: Provide at least one recommendation for this organization regarding overall communication and advocacy efforts for what it provides and justify your recommendation.
Paper should be about 5 pages, so be economical with your words [page limitation doesn’t include title page, abstract, or reference page(s)].