– Observation

1) Using a social media platform, identify a post, picture, or video to analyze (Twitter or Instagram will work best for this assignment, but Snapchat or TikTok can be used as well).
2) Once you have found a post, picture, or video, identify a theme on which to base your analysis (love, politics, friendship, etc.). 
3) In 1,000 words, analyze the post, picture, or video by examining the theme that you have chosen. Discuss the cultural, social, or political implications surrounding the post, picture, or video and explain key aspects of its significance. (For example, ask yourself questions such as “why is this an appropriate medium for this particular post, picture, or video?” “how might this be misinterpreted if it were posted on another platform?” “why would users of this social media platform find this interesting or significant?”) 
4) Build your analysis/assessment around your perception of the post, picture, or video going beyond the usual questions by utilizing some of the strategies for analyzing visual rhetoric from Chapter 4 of your textbook (technologies used to produce an image, formal and social layers, etc.). 
Criteria for Success:
1) A minimum of 3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font. 
2) Have you identified a suitable post, picture, or video that has cultural, political, or social significance?
3) Have you used specific strategies from your textbook to help you dig below the surface of the post, picture, or video?
4) Have you included screenshots of the post, picture, or video along with your analysis? 
5) Is your analysis relatively free of grammar errors (including but not limited to: NO contractions, NO 1st/2nd person pronouns)?