– On-line assignment #3 Letter to the Editor

 Assignment  #2 Letter to the Editor
Write and submit a short (250-300 word) letter to the editor based on your social problem. 
Pick a (real) reputable news outlet such as The Daily Times, Washington Post,Baltimore Sun  etc.
 1. Your short letter to the editor should start off with something that grabs a reader’s attention. The following is an example that I think would make a reader stop and think.
 In 2012  259 million prescriptions were written,  enough to give a bottle of opioids for every American!   FOUR OUT OF FIVE PEOPLE START WITH A PERSCRIPTION….THEN THEY GO ON TO HEROIN.

You want the readers and editors to know where your information  came from, so mention for example, data comes from the FBI Crime Report 2020 Note that a letter to an editor does not require APA formatting or a reference page.
Indicate your expertise, for example”I a graduation senior BASW student at SU working ______ with this population and ….”

Say what you want to see happen/get done, such as a change in a law or more resources. 
When you submit a letter to an editor you “sign it” with your full name and title (if you have one).Below the letter but not included in the 250 word letter itself

Always include all your contact info at the end, your email, phone number and address so if need be they can verify the letter is indeed from you.    They will not publish this information.
Ms. XXXX, Case Manager XXX Agency
*******************************************************.Contact information, email, phone number and address
Check out this resource: Community Tool Box: Writing letters to the editor