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Application Activity
Music in Movies
Watch the following movie clips that demonstrate the power of music in movies to help us feel emotions. 
Rocky’s training and without music
Sometimes it can help us feel a contradictory emotion, even when we know better.
The Shining
Open this playlist in YouTube and find a video to watch.  The videos in this list are trailer recuts of known movies made in a different genre for a comedic effect.  Most notably, the soundtrack is changed while the movie clips are taken out of context.  Choose one trailer to watch that is different from your other teammates. Answer the following question using the video you chose as an example.
When listening to the clips from the Rocky movie, what was missing emotionally from the second clip?
How does the music from a movie help add to the emotion you are supposed to feel?
There are even illusions in music.  Watch this video on Shepard Tones.  
Explain how a Shepard Tone is made.
Using what you know about perception of music, what might be the cognitive process that gives us an uneasy feeling when we hear a Shepard Tone?  Here are examples of ascending and descending Shepard Tones.
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