– ORDER 100% ANSWERED QUESTION…Contemporary topic that affects nursing or nursing students./Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing

Students will write 2-page paper (excluding title page and references page) about a contemporary topic that affects nursing or nursing students. The paper may not exceed two pages.
Suggested Topics
Suggested Topics
   1    Climate change as a health care priority
   2    Social determinants of health
   3    COVID-19 pandemic- and nurse burnout
   4    Access to health care in medically underserved communities
   5    Dress code or not for professional nurses
   6    Vaccine hesitancy in professional nurses
   7    Nursing as a political endeavor
   8    Nursing as represented in the media
   9    Caring for patients living with chronic illness
Paper includes
Introduction (4 points)
Content Body of the paper (5 points)
Conclusion (3 points)
Scholarly writing (3 points)
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