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Cross-Cultural Research & Professional Skills 
The Purpose:
This is a dry-run for your Research Report Assignment (Research Report, 70%). 
In completing this assignment, you should:

Generate interesting research questions with a clear connection to theory in business and management or related fields. 


Find and evaluate sources of data relevant to the proposed questions.


Place an original research idea in the context of existing literature. 


Identify research methods used in existing studies to answer your question (s).

The Assignment: 

Pick a topic in business and management or related fields. Then go to the online catalogue of the University library to find existing work in the area of your interest. You should be looking for at least 5 articles that are fairly closely related to the question you are interested in. Try to identify the seminal work in this area and include it in your articles.  (The seminal work may be cited in the text and will surely be cited in most of the papers). 


As you read these articles, think about extensions or alternative questions that you don’t feel have been adequately addressed. What questions do you have as you are reading the articles? Where do you feel unsatisfied with the work?  If you had been writing the paper, would you have included something that the authors did not?  When you read the theory, is there an implication of the theory that you could test with some data? These are the types of questions that help you find a testable hypothesis.  Once you have your question, you may have to go back and look for articles that are more directly related to your paper topic. (That is, steps 1 and 2 are a bit iterative.)


Here’s what to include in the presentation: a) motivation for your question including a brief review of the relevant existing literature, b) preliminary review of relevant studies (conceptual framework; empirical studies) and c) a description of how you will answer the question including the data source you would use in the study and an indication of the method for data analysis. 

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