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Guest Speaker Reflective Summaries
Weighting is 30% (each summary is worth 5%); due by 14:00pm, 26th of May, 2022 via Turnitin
An important learning component of PSYC3102 is the Guest Speaker program and case presentations immediately after the lecture. This involves presentations by approximately 5-6 guest presenters affected by mental disorders who provide a personal account of their lived experience of mental health difficulties either directly as someone who has a mental disorder, or indirectly as a carer of someone with a mental disorder, or as a health professional working with people with mental disorders. Videos/written cases of individuals with mental disorders are also shown and you may also write a reflective summary on one or more of these. Students are encouraged to attend (or listen to) all guest speaker presentations when possible because they provide information on psychopathology that cannot be obtained through the lectures, small group tutorials or text book. This year, the guest speaker presentations will be delivered live via Zoom as well as recorded via Zoom and shared on Blackboard, however due to privacy and confidentiality considerations we request that you do not share these recordings with anyone else. 
Students must submit six 150-200 word reflections on 6 guest speaker presentations or video/ written patient cases. Choose six presentations/cases/videos and write a 150 200 word reflective practice summary on each one and submit via Turnitin. Emailed assignments will not be accepted.
NOTE: you only do one electronic submission at the end of the semester. Include all 6 summaries in one document, with single line spacing on the form provided (see below), and then submit.
For each of your six reflective summaries you can choose to answer one of the following three questions to help focus your reflection (150 200 words). NOTE: Not all of these questions will be directly relevant to all guest speakers; for example, certain questions more directly apply to presenters with a mental disorder vs health professionals. 
1.What symptoms of the disorder did you observe and/or were described in the presentation? Provide a brief synopsis of the observed/described symptoms (i.e., summarise the symptoms you observed or that were described), as well as a personal reflection on what you learned in this context.
2.If you were this person’s therapist, what are some special considerations that you would need to be mindful of in their treatment in relation to their diagnosis? Provide a brief synopsis (i.e., summarise the special considerations that specifically apply to the guest presenter) and a personal reflection on how this person’s presentation may influence your psychological practice/thinking.
3. Provide a brief synopsis (i.e., summary) of three elements of the guest speakers’ story (or the client in the video) that challenged your pre-presentation thoughts about the diagnosis. Write a personal reflection on how this presentation challenged your views.
You are encouraged to complete your reflective summaries weekly, after each guest presentation/ release of case. Students who have previously completed the course and are retaking it cannot re-submit their reflective summaries from a previous year. Submitting a duplicate reflective summary will be detected in the originality reports that are conducted on each assessment. If you are retaking the course, you are encouraged to choose a different guest speaker or focus on a different aspect of the presentation.
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