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Literacy Across the Curriculum in Inclusion Classroom
Week 3 
Reflective Journal #1
The book selected for the Book-Talk and the Vocabulary and Comprehensive lesson plans is “The Day You Begin” by Jaqueline Woodson and Illustrated by Rafael Lopez. It Is a new story published in 2018. The story starts on the first day of school with students introducing themselves to each other, then showing their cultural difference in different areas to finally showing the connections in feelings in some instances in the end. The first person introduced is Rigoberto, who migrated from Venezuela. The book then introduces different ethnicities and cultural differences that connect to various students’ cultures. One girl wonders why her friend “wrinkles her nose” at her lunch of “rice and kimchi.” In addition, one boy was not picked for a “climbing bar team.” A young lady named Angelina is present on the sidelines throughout the story. Angelina is a native of the country and neighborhood. Angelina is hearing, seeing, and thinking of all her classmates’ differences related to her and then feels so alone and different from her peers. This book reminds us that we are unique, and although we may feel different from those around us, it is okay. Finally, As Angelina gets to know Rigoberto, she sees she is not much different from him and her peers. 
I choose this book because it encourages all children to embrace, celebrate, and appreciate their peers. Furthermore, this book enables the child to connect with their peers despite being different and feeling alone at times. Inclusivity matters, and it starts with us; this book helps children from various ethnic backgrounds discover ways to connect with others through their differences and, in turn, embrace everyone. I like that the book opens with a realistic reflection that we can identify with: “There will be times when you walk into a room and no one there is quite like you.” In addition, there is a ruler illustrated throughout the book next to the different students to show that there are times when we measure ourselves against others, which symbolizes that we sometimes forget how all of us are wonderful. I chose this book because it encourages mutual respect and inclusivity amongst all of us. This book is relevant today because it has a timely, impactful, universal, and beautiful message. Today, we live in a time where it is crushingly divisive and hateful; this book reminded me that we need the remembrance that we are better together than apart. The uniqueness of this book is that it promotes inclusivity. The book motivates students to form meaningful personal connections that can anchor a discussion about the community in younger elementary grades.
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