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Quantification of F1 Phenotypes and Setting Crosses
This week you will be scoring F1 phenotypes and setting up F1 crosses to produce the F2 generation. F1 flies were already produced for you by crossing two pure strains together (from Table 1 above). Before you make your crosses, fill out the table below with your observations for F1 flies from particular parental strains (P generation).
____________________ X _____________________
Female Parent (P gen)            Male Parent (P gen)
Table 2. Sex-specific phenotypes of F1 flies.

# Females With
# Males With
Total Number

of Flies






The next step is to setup your F1 crosses. As a class, we need to make sure that all crosses are made in replicate to obtain a decent sample size.

To setup your culture vials, add one cup of the Instant Drosophila Medium and 15 mL of water to the vial. When the solution solidifies, add 4-7 grains of yeast to the culture media.


Add six (6) male/female pairs of anesthetized flies into your culture vial. Be sure to label the vial with ‘F1 cross’, the parental strains crossed, the date, and your names.


After all the F1 flies are scored, the data are recorded, and the crosses set, dispose of any remaining anesthetized F1 flies into the vial with alcohol.


Based on the data in Tables 1 and 2, come up with a hypothesis for how your trait(s) are inherited. For example, how many genes are involved? Which alleles are likely dominant and recessive? Are any traits sex-linked?


Create two Punnett squares showing the results of both your P and F1 crosses. You may use any letters you like for alleles. Results will vary depending on which strains your group selected for crosses.


What are the predicted phenotypic ratios of your F2 generation?

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