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Unit 2: Setting Literary Response Submission Link Attached Files: File ENG 130 Setting Unit Literary Response pdf ENG 130 Setting Unit Literary Response pdf Alternative Formats (180.6 KB) This assignment focuses on your ability to: learn how to interpret the literary device of setting and how it affects the character of the story/poem. The purpose of completing this assignment is: as a student, in your career, and individual lives, you will often need to look beyond the plot and summary of what you are reading and put a different spin on it. An example of this might be interpreting data and the varying components of how that data was created, as well as what to do with the data as you move forward Please be sure to read the assignment page and rubric for complete criteria and requirements. Bradbury, R. (2010). All summer in a day. Read, 59(16), 14 19 Whitman, W. (2017). I hear America singing. Poetry Foundation. Hughes, L. (2020/1926). I, Too. American Literature. Gathanga, H. (2015). Money the least of his worries.In Chin Ce (Ed.), African Short Stories: Vol 2 (pp. 245-249). Handel Books. Topic Two: Setting as a Literary Device:
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