– ORDER 100% ANSWERED QUESTION…Steve is a 19-year-old who withdrew from college after an incident when pulled all of the fire alarms in his dorm and campus police were called./Psychology

Chapter 6 Case Study #2 (Steven)
Steve is a 19-year-old who withdrew from college after an incident when pulled all of the fire alarms in his dorm and campus police were called. The reason he gave for pulling the alarms was that, given the seriousness of fires and the damage they can cause, he wanted to make all of the alarms were working as they should. He had recently changed his major from engineering to philosophy, and spent long hours talking with friends about the nature of reality. He was convinced that his ideas were of great importance, stating frequently that he his knowledge was more extensive and advanced than that of his professors or other students in his classes,” and that he would soon “change the world” because of his ideas. He grew increasingly irritable and intolerant of any who disagreed with him and was angry that the campus police didn’t understand the need to test the fire alarms in the dorm. He also increased a number of high-risk behaviors drinking and engaging in sexual relations in a way that was unlike his previous history. His need for sleep has been decreasing; some nights he sleeps only a few hours at most.
He returned home after leaving campus. His parents report being very surprised by his extreme behavior and beliefs, stating that, although he did have problems with anxiety and low moods, he has never been in trouble or appeared so out of control. They are very concerned about him, and want to help in any way they can.

Given the information you have available, what preliminary diagnosis would you consider? Justify your answer, addressing DSM-5 criteria and specific symptoms and behaviors Steve experiences.
Using the textbook, discuss treatment options available for Steve, addressing both initial (immediate) treatment and longer-term treatment. Describe at least 3 treatment options and why they should be considered.

It is likely that you will need to write -2 pages to answer the questions comprehensively. Write in complete sentences; do not use bullet points.
All work should be submitted in Canvas. The submission link is available under Chapter 5 and Turn It In will be activated for the assignment.
All case studies will be due no later than the Sunday following our Thursday class meeting.
Gradina Criteria 

Class participation: no class participation for this case
Writing (professionally presented, no spelling or grammatical errors, clarity): Spts.
Content: Addressed questions thoroughly and accurately: 15pts

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