– ORDER 100% ANSWERED QUESTION…There are desires for many individuals in today’s society; we all have something we desire. Some are harmless, while sadly, others cause harm to others. /Psychology and Education : Psychology

There are desires for many individuals in today’s society; we all have something we desire. Some are harmless, while sadly, others cause harm to others. There’s one desire I’m discussing in this post, and that desire is called paraphilia. Paraphilia is a pattern of inhumane demeanors characterized by intense sexual fantasies, objects, and recurrent urges. The exact cause of paraphilia is unknown, but experts suggest that childhood trauma may play a role in developing the mental disorder. Paraphilia consists of eight types: Voyeuristic, exhibitionistic, frotteuristic, sexual masochism, sexual sadism, pedophilic, fetishistic, and transvestic (Fisher, 2022). This mental disorder has no cure but can be treated. Treatment for paraphilia consists of cognitive-behavioral therapy to improve the person’s behavior. In addition to therapy, medications can help decrease the incidents of sexual fantasies and compulsiveness linked to paraphilia. This is attained by reducing the individual’s sex drive. How successful the treatment becomes depends on how consistent the person exhibiting paraphilic behavior is with it. Paraphilics must comply with their treatment; otherwise, the success can be hindered, and they can increase their risk of causing harm as well as legal issues for themselves.
Further into this discussion will focus on only two out of those eight types of paraphilia; those two are voyeuristic and exhibitionistic. Voyeuristic behavior is defined as the act of being excited or fascinated by watching other people. For example, individuals in this category can form excitement by watching an individual undress or engage in sexual activity with their partner. This condition is known as voyeurism, although a nickname for these individuals is “peeping toms.” Despite being a form of paraphilia, unless the individual’s fantasies, urges or behavior leads to distress, harm, or impaired function to another, those with voyeuristic thrills typically don’t meet the criteria for a paraphilic disorder. In addition to these observations, the condition must have occurred for at least more than six months (Yarber, 2022). Although the term voyeuristic can be defined sexually, it can be used to describe any secondhand thrill. A voyeur is a person who enjoys watching individuals engage in private actions. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), Exhibitionistic Disorder is a mental disorder that causes a person to expose his sexual organs—or genitals—to other individuals, usually to strangers who least expect it. Most of these individuals are male. This type of conduct is characterized by the exhibitionist exposing themselves in public, attracting attention, or arranging to have sex with others while being watched; additionally, sexual arousal occurs upon the incident.
In conclusion, given the disorders that were discussed and the natures of the disorders, it is not a matter of “if” there’s a relationship to both the disorders and paraphilia, but a matter of they are all indeed related to paraphilia. An exhibitionist and exhibitionistic do not differ much from one another, just one of them being a disorder. Voyeurism and voyeuristic disorders are also related as they both exhibit law-breaking sexual behaviors.
When most people think of sexual relations or intimacy, they do not consider how many different subcategories of sex there are. According to McGraw-hill, paraphilia can be described as “any intense and persistent sexual interest other than sexual interest in genital stimulation or preparatory fondling with phenotypically normal, physically mature consenting human partners.” (McGraw-hill 2022). In simpler terms, some humans like “getting off” to objects or something non-living. We typically do not here of such cases as they are abnormal and unaccepted by society. Within paraphilia, there are 8 different subcategories; Sadism, exhibitionistic disorder, fetishistic disorder, frotteruristic disorder, pedophilic disorder, sexual mascohism disorder, transvestic disorder, and voyerristic disorder. Jeffrey Dahmer falls into the subcategory of paraphllia. Dahmer got pleasure from a corpse. Voyerism is very common, however that does not make it right.  Many people tend to enjoy watching other people have sex in order to fufil their fantasies. One example would be the movie “the voyuers”. This movie demonstrates how a couple enjoys watching their neighbors have sex. They know that it is wrong because of privacy however they recieve more pleasure watching it. Voyurism is similar to porn. The only difference is that porn is online and voyuerism is live. An exibisonist is a person that enjoys exposing themselves to strangers. This one is not too common however does occur. One example would be while someone is on the highway driving, the other person in the next lane exposes his genitals. When we think about these different types of sexual fantasies or how some people get pleasure we tend to think its strange and its unaccepted. The truth is 35-47% of people enjoy voyeruistic and exibisonistic acts. When we speak int terms of their relationship with other people we cant make an exact judgement call becuase everyone is different. Again, the perfect example would be Jeffrey Dahmer. He was always seen as abnormal throughout his teen years but he still made friends and was able to bring men back. Looking at him you would never assume that he was a necrophilliac. He was able to have decent relationships with some people and others he would kill and then have sex with. Some people are unable to be in relationships becuase their pleasure comes from abusing people or doing abnormal things. One similarity between voyeruism, paraphilla and exibishonists is the need and want to have pleasure threw something that is unaccepted.
When most people here these terms they instanly assume the person is abnormal because no person usually openly admits to having these desires or wants. While some are strange and completley sad and disturbing others such as voyurism are common and shouldn’t necessarily be seen as something abnormal.
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