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Short Analysis Assignment:
On pages 66-67, there’s a brief discussion of moral development that fits very well with virtue ethics’ process of emulating moral exemplars. Melody’s speech here ties literacy to the development of empathy through moral emulation of others—through reading stories about others, we can get a sense of what it’s like to be someone else, and literacy gives us, in this way, a powerful tool for developing moral habits by thinking about actions and choices through characters that exhibit virtue. Melody, of course, herself represents a moral exemplar for Alia, who, through the grok, is able to experience difficult and virtuous choices even more directly than in reading.
How does Alia use her experience of Melody’s life as a moral exemplar to help guide her own choices and form her own character? What virtuous habits does she develop through the story’s progress, and how does she use Melody’s story to develop those habits? How could you use your experiences with these characters, in having read this story, to develop and/or reinforce virtuous habits of your own? In both of these discussions, identify specific virtues, like courage, kindness, temperance, graciousness, generosity, commitment, and wisdom.
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