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Prompt:  This semester has already asked you to do your own thinking about essay writing, written and visual argument, defining key terms, and evaluating the persuasiveness of the essays we have read in class. This assignment will ask you to take your class experience and newfound knowledge to the next level in a completely independent research assignment. You have almost complete liberty to choose the issue you would like to research, but you will need to consider the following questions to ensure that your chosen issue is a productive one.
What is the issue you are interested in? Work to find an issue that captures your attention and interest and one that is arguable.  If you are struggling with determining a topic, consider your hobbies, classes, current news stories, and everyday conversations. You may even find inspiration in the films, video games, TV shows, and other visual media you experience daily.                                                           
What is particularly interesting about this issue to you? Is this an issue you have some emotional stake in? Are you concerned with the media’s treatment of it? Do you believe the issue is underrepresented in contemporary conversation? Is the issue controversial?
How could you possibly learn more about this issue? What research will you need to do to have a better understanding of the issue and the way it has been discussed in the past or present?
What do you think you can add to the academic dialogue surrounding this issue? Where do you stand? Where do your academic peers stand? Where does the opposition stand?
Does this issue have room to grow into a well-developed argumentative research paper of about 8-10 pages?
What is your claim regarding this issue?  Consider the following questions to help you decide whether your claim is viable:
Is the claim narrow and focused?
Can you learn enough to cover the claim fully?
What are the various perspectives on your issue?
How can you make your claim both interesting and compelling to yourself and your audience?
Compose an issue proposal that answers the questions listed above in two-three paragraphs.  Submit this issue proposal for me to review.  In a written response, I will evaluate your chosen issue and claim, offer constructive suggestions, and hopefully agree to your issue choice or ask you to amend your idea.    
The typed, double-spaced Topic Proposal is due on March 10, 2022 or, at the latest, on March 22.
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