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How do you see the differences between the research process described in Chapter 1 and the research you have done previously either for completing a research paper or compiling information for someone?

How do you understand the differences between applied and pure research? Do you see pure research as being helpful for criminal justice organizations? If yes, why? If not, why?
Say you are assigned to do an evaluation of a proactive police patrol program such as foot patrol or hot-spot patrol in a local police department and you decide to use an experimental design for this evaluation. How will you go about setting up the experiment? What kind of experiment is it? How do you make sure the data you use are valid and reliable?

Please list the questions first before discussing them. You are encouraged to think for yourself and express your own views. But if you don’t have enough knowledge of scientific research, you must use the textbooks and lectures as sources for your discussion. You are expected to write clearly and professionally, use complete sentences and paragraphs, and give credit to original sources if they are used. Your discussion of these questions, as a whole, should be about one page long, if written in a double-spaced, 12-font, Word document. At least one full paragraph should be written separately for each question (2 or 3 sentences are not a full paragraph) and make sure you organize your answers under the questions you discuss.

Both the Gottfredsons and Walker in their first chapters discuss discretionary decision making in criminal justice. Walker (1993: 4) goes so far as to describe the criminal justice system as, “nothing more than the sum total of a series of discretionary decisions by innumerable officials.” After reading the chapters, please tell me either
(1) How the chapters confirmed your belief about how decisions are made within the criminal justice system?


(2) How the chapters painted a picture of a criminal justice system where decision making was different from how you had initially thought?
In answering the question, please refer to specific parts of these chapters.

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