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1. Select one of the following financial organization to do market research on:
a. Private (ex. Publix, Johnson & Johnson)b. Public Govt./Non-Profit (ex. Miami Dade County)c. Entrepreneurship (ex. Your own business)
2. Come up with a hypothesis how your organization can provide “added value”services. Questions to ask
a. What is the question I want to answer about your organization?b. What is your business case?c. Is there a need? How do you know—data?d. Are you using sampling—market survey, market studies, marketexperiments
3. After you come up with a financial hypothesis, you need to collect a sample ofdata to be analyzed. Use the Barry Library link below to find information.Depending on the question you’re seeking to answer or investigating, you mightcollect samples through
a. Market Surveysb. Market observational studies, orc. Market experiments
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