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Suppose you are brought in as a consultant in a third world country in the midst of a civil war. Based on the research presented in this chapter, describe at least three ways in which you can work with the children in the community to increase their capacity for resilience. 
2)Some theories of well-being say that our perspective on life changes as we age. For this exercise, First think about and write down a few things that are important for a fulfilling and happy life. 
Then, interview someone who is at least 25 years older than you and ask what they believe is important for a fulfilling and happy life. Do you notice any similarities or differences from your own answer to that question? Why do you think that might be? 
3)Posttraumatic growth: 
Write about a time when you faced significant adversity or loss. Write first about the doors that closed due to that adversity/loss. What did you lose?
 Then, write about the doors that opened in the aftermath of that adversity/loss. Are there any new ways of acting, thinking, relating, etc. that have become more possible now
?If you are blessed with no significant adversity or loss in your past, you can interview someone you know who has for this assignment.