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Identify the environmental or ecological challenge that motivates the ecological engineering technology/approach (what’s the problem?)
Identify a standard engineering approach OR ecological engineering approach being used to address the challenge. (Restoration = just ee approach)
Review your approach. How does it work? Where has it been applied?
Consider the pros and cons of your selected approach: e.g., How does it impact water, materials, energy cycles? Impacts on other natural systems? Impacts on socio-economic systems?
If standard engineering approach, why it is insufficient to meet the challenge (now or in the future)?
If ecological engineering approach, how does it follow eco. eng. principles?
1 page of text, single spaced, 12 pt font, 1-inch margins, minimum of 3 citations to academic journal articles, additional citations from other sources ok. 1 page limit does not include references cited section or optional figures which should be on a second page.

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