– Order a similar paper from Supply Chain Management in construction industry/relevance in Humanitarian Logistics)/Logistics

The topic is: Supply Chain Management in construction industry/relevance in Humanitarian Logistics
-Page limit: 15-20 pages of written text ( that does not include the front page, table of contents, list of tables, list of figures, list of references, etc. )
 -The correct use of citation rules is a prerequisite  (Harvard)
 -Check for spelling and grammar mistakes
-The seminar paper should be a self-contained paper consisting of complete chapters 
 -Building blocks of a seminar paper : 
1. Title page 
2. Table of contents  
3. If applicable: List of figures, list of tables, list of abbreviations 
4. Introduction /Proposal (the content of a proposal: 
Title of the paper 
Reflects aim of the paper:  -> clear, precise 
Motivation:  Actuality and relevance of the topic, Arise interest
Problem statement: How does the chosen topic fit in the existing literature and what is the research gap
Research question(s) -Formulate precise research questions which can be answered in the paper;  No closed questions;  Each single question has to be understandable on its own; Divide complex questions in one main and several sub-questions 
Aim: Precise aim of the paper, Planned outcome 
Method: Literature Review/ Systematic literature review
5.  Main part (e.g. results of literature review, model description, results of statistical analysis) 
6. Conclusions and limitations 
7. List of references (in alphabetical order) 
8. If applicable: Appendix
Potential research question(s): How are COVID-19 disruptions in the construction industry impacting humanitarian logistics operations? How are construction industry supply chain processes relevant in humanitarian logistics?  How are humanitarian supply chain projects comparable with construction industry projects? (Don’t have to use these just to have a starting point) 
Evaluation criteria for the seminar paper: (pay attention to criteria when writing a paper)
1. Is the title appropriate for the content of the paper? 
2. Does the paper provide sufficient background information on the main topic (theoretical foundations, scientific references, etc.)? 
3. Is the used method explained and does it fit to answer the research question(s)? 
4. How are the goals/research questions answered in the course of the provided paper? 
5. Which strengths can you identify according to your personal opinion? 
6. Which weaknesses can you identify according to your personal opinion? And is there any information missing in your opinion? 
7. Which parts of the paper should be shortened, which should be addressed in more detail?
8. Is the text appropriately formatted and does the author adhere to scientific standards (e.g. citation standards)? 9. Please provide constructive suggestions for the author of the reviewed paper in order to improve the paper
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