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Your research proposal should be between 700-1000 words with MLA citation conventions for in-text citations and a works cited page.  It should address the questions below.  It might be helpful to think of the bullet points as paragraphs (though you could condense a few of them into one paragraph, etc.):

What topic do you plan to research for the semester? What do you want to learn more about this topic? Why do you want to research this topic?
What research question will you ask and investigate about your topic?
What do you already know about this topic? What do you need to know more about this topic?
Who else is interested in this topic?
What are the various perspectives on this topic (i.e. the conversation)?
Why is this topic significant to you and to larger audiences?
What are relevant, credible sources that address your topic? (you might need to do a quick search for scholarly and academic sources on the topic).  
How will you investigate your research question? Where will you look for information about it? What kind of search strategies will you use? what kinds of sources would you like to find?