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For this assignment, you will write a focused, organized essay comparing two texts from the same group (see list above).  In other words, you could compare Nicholas Carr’s essay to one of Clive Thompson’s, or Singer’s essay to Kondo’s. However, you have to stick to the groupings otherwise we are trying to compare apples to oranges, as they say. 
First, you should define the conversations taking place between the two texts.  You will want to look at how these two texts agree and disagree on such matters as waste, poverty, American consumerism, human nature, technology’s cognitive effects, or climate change.  Like your first essay, you will want to use textual evidence to demonstrate your understanding of the texts. 
Secondly, you should identify which text makes the stronger argument and why.  Analyze the writing techniques (rhetorical devices/strategies) employed by each author and make a case for why one essay is more effective than the other.  Your thesis should address which text you think is more persuasive. 
Questions to consider:

Do the authors use similar rhetorical devices/strategies?  If so, does one writer do a better

     job with a particular writing technique?  Why?

Do any of the writing techniques employed by the authors distance you as the reader?

Successful essays will…

demonstrate critical thinking, a close reading of the texts, and thoughtful analysis
arrange paragraphs in a logical order and incorporate smooth transitions
use textual evidence (quotes, paraphrasing, summary) effectively and appropriately to

     support the summary and analysis, and thesis

have a strong, arguable thesis, and
be free of errors in grammar, spelling, and mechanics.

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